Bodyspace denotes a programme of training and personal development that is informed and guided by a specific developmental perspective; namely that human development is grounded in a progressive and increasingly differentiated four-stage sequence of experiential modes: sensations > emotions > images > speech. The capacity to contactfully traverse all levels of this register both upwards and downwards is crucial to a capable, fulfilled and integrated life.

Note the first three modes are pre-verbal. The pre-verbal is culturally marginalised and generally devalued in transactions and social systems that privilege symbolic speech. The Bodyspace programme therefore offers entry points to self and social renewal, circumventing this prevalent bodymind splitting and mental supremacy.

People whose interest is solely in training in a hands-on body contact mode please access Pulsing - Bodywork Training.

People whose interest is in topic-based training and/or their personal development please access Seven Theme Workshops - Sensations Series.*

People whose interest is purely in personal development please access Bodyspace Groups.**

* Topics include anger, shame, post traumatic stress, sexuality, ecotherapy, internalised oppression, and body image.

** Modalities are bioenergetics, psychodrama and psychodynamics.

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