The British School
of Shiatsu-Do

‘‘The Tai Chi of Touch’’


Bodywork Training

taught by

Guy Gladstone

0800 313 4844 or email


What is Pulsing?

This deeply enjoyable and gentle form of bodywork combines movements of stretching, lifting and rotating with a continuous rhythmic rocking. The regularity of the background rhythm creates a sense of ease and flow, support and permission. Whatever is present is allowed to surface without in any way forcing or breaking down resistances.

There is a developmental basis for the sense of relief and security that Pulsing provides: the rocking of a foetus in the womb, the rocking of a baby in her parents’ arms, the rocking of the cradle and the self-rocking that children (and people of all ages thereafter) readily slip into. Rocking maintains the sense of relatedness.

Like the pulse of music, touch can set a bodymind dancing. The effects of Pulsing occur below the level of conscious awareness and will continue to be felt for some while after the session. It is a joy to give and a treat to receive.


  • Gently releases muscular and emotional tension

  • Harmonises the various circulatory pulses

  • Eases stiff joints, increasing flexibility

  • Like dance develops the inner sense of movement

  • Enlarges movement repertoire, expanding the kinesphere

  • Yields imagery and suggestions from the unconscious

  • Imparts an overall cellular stimulation

  • Like Tai Chi becomes a shared physical meditation

  • Fosters deeper, easier breathing

  • Simultaneously relaxes and energises

  • Meets the need for nurturance through touch

  • Satisfies the hunger for sensuous experience through passive movement

  • Contact with natural body rhythms stimulates self-healing and a centred self-awareness

  • A grounded in-the-body experience of wonder and ‘good wombing’

  • The wavelike movements help you flow with life and attune to an inner wisdom.


What You Will Learn

The core of each weekend will be short demonstration sessions followed by supervised practice in pairs. There will be time for sharing experiences arising out of the work together and encouragement to relate these experiences to your personal and/or professional background. The weekends feature plentiful hands-on practice, interspersed with feedback processes that enhance your learning. You will learn a basic thirty three moves with which:

1) You can give a whole body session for an hour. This repertoire is expandable and the sequencing variable. Course participants on the qualifying track learn extra moves on their third and fourth weekends.

2) You can give short form sessions focusing on one or more of the mini-sessions within the long form (head and neck, arms, legs from the front, legs from the back, torso from the front, torso from the back)

3) You can introduce single moves or short sequences into your existing mode of bodywork.

Additionally – course members on the 4 w/e qualifying track can expect by its completion to take away whatever is personally relevant to their learning curve and future application of Pulsing from amongst the following nine more advanced practitioner skills:

4) Deep relearning in your own body, how it feels to be fluid, connected and whole, the necessary basis for communicating this to others

5) Developing good habits of posture and positioning for effortless working

6) Utilising different qualities of touch and engaging with the different types of body tissue -ecto, meso- and endoderm

7) Supporting the emergence of core body impulses; healing through respecting involuntary movements

8) Discovering body images & enhancing bodily aspects of self-image

9) Combining the moves with a focus on breathing to coax ripe feelings towards expression, (especially for the overbounded person)

10) Maintaining contact without merging, managing your own body boundaries and supporting the formation of boundaries (especially for the underbounded person)

11) Choosing a progressive or regressive approach and balancing the pleasure and reality principles

12) Combining pulsing with verbal facilitation (six models – bioenergetic, biosynthesis, biodynamic, gestalt, psychomotor and psychodynamic).


Who the Courses Are For
  • Practitioners or students of any other form of hands-on bodywork, interested in alternative approaches, who want to add a new skill to what they can offer.

  • Counsellors and psychotherapists with a desire to learn how to use touch to facilitate deep emotional work and support the working through of preverbal experience in a regression mode.

  • Students and practitioners of performing, movement, and martial arts who would like to introduce hands-on work into their practice. Pulsing refreshes the player, has affinities with Contact Improvisation and has been termed the Tai Chi of Touch.

  • Anyone drawn to holding and moving bodies who has not yet found a way to do that, whether in a spirit of play or as a mode of joyful work. Bodyspace events bypass closed shop trainings and exclusive professionalizing.

  • People interested in their personal development especially through making a deeper contact with your bodily self. Whether or not you have attended other Bodyspace events you may at some point in your process be drawn to experience a single weekend of intensive touch (assuming a willingness to reciprocate).

  • Searchers and researchers interested in the interface between the transpersonal and the prepersonal. Temporary ego loss and altered states of consciousness may be accessed via the trance that Pulsing can facilitate.

  • Movements applied by the practitioner utilise the clients’ own bodyweight. Therefore no particular strength or body build is necessary to practise Pulsing.

  • The weekends develop as a community of learning whose members make a deep, heartfelt and enlivening contact with each other. This means there is the option of continuing to exchange practice sessions between weekends, building the confidence to give a Pulsing to a friend or attract clients to your practice.

  • Previous course participants have included shiatsu practitioners, aromatherapists and reflexologists; deep tissue bodyworkers and practitioners of holistic and intuitive massage; nurses, healers, and social workers; practitioners of Reiki, Bowen Technique and Polarity Therapy; counsellors, psychotherapists and performing arts practitioners; Tai Chi teachers and dance movement therapists.

  • Both newcomers and old hands are welcome on the course.


Guy Gladstone

I am a personal development practitioner and member since 1984 of The Open Centre, the longest established independent personal growth centre in Britain. I have been teaching Pulsing since 1985, mainly in London, also in Oslo, Dublin and Spain. I have trained extensively in various forms of therapeutic bodywork and co-organised six Bodywork Fairs in the 1980’s.

Besides being a Certified Practitioner of Bodywork (U.K.A.H.P.P.) and Postural Integration, I trained with Curtis Turchin, the originator of Pulsing. I am a Full Member of the Complementary Therapists Association (C.Th.A), who accredit the qualifying track of the Pulsing training.

For me teaching Pulsing is a way of contributing to the tradition of deep body-centred therapy that was begun by Wilhelm Reich in the 1920s. I greatly enjoy sharing the values and vision of this formative and foundational approach to bodywork. I also have a particular interest in the development of a contemporary synthesis of bodywork and psychodynamics. The annual cycle of three Pulsing weekends is the hands-on element of my broader personal development programme, Bodyspace.


What Students and Clients Have Said

"I was fairly new to bodywork, but now feel drawn to using Pulsing with most of my clients on various parts of the body. Thank you so much for the course. I think it’s a great technique and I feel very glad to be able to call upon it often in my work."

C.P. (Bodyworker and Counsellor)

"I have greatly enjoyed the whole course and feel it was very well taught and conceived. Thank you. I also really appreciated the opportunity to work with and get to know such great co-students and bodyworkers. All in all very enjoyable, educational and definitely to be used!"

A. M-A. (Reflexologist and Care Manager)

"I really think Pulsing is one of the most effective and enjoyable therapies that I have come across. The one or two days that I give sessions at my place of work it is mostly Pulsing now."

T (Manager of a Health Centre)

"I think I have grown from this experience in mind and body. Pulsing has opened new doors, it has made me feel comfortable with myself. My breathing has improved."

J.M. (Coordinator of Many Hands Massage Collective, M.A. in Therapeutic Bodywork)

"My whole body feels different and I found a perceptible change in my ability to heal myself. Also just feeling more lively and lighter and feeling spontaneously like dancing a lot."

C.G. (Holistic Massage Therapist)

"There are no obvious transition phases, and my practitioner moved catlike around my body, without one being aware of a new area being worked on. I was soon mesmerised by the movements, and quickly relaxed with the swaying motion."

T.A. (Health and Fitness Journalist)

"It seems to go down from my head to my feet and come back up from my feet to my head. It feels that I’m contacting something very important. I have a sense of communion. What event is going to happen, a hint of Eureka? I feel more powerful, taller, stronger, people tell me how amazingly beautiful I look. I still feel the wave as I walk. I can easily internalise the movement. Not only that the experience seems to continue on its own."

M.B. (Researching Altered States of Consciousness achieved through bodywork)


Dates and Times

Whether your interest is in a single weekend or the qualifying track of four weekends you may like to have a preview of Pulsing by arranging a private session.

Weekend Courses
All at The British School of Shiatsu-Do 10am – 6pm both days

May 17/18
October 18/19
March 21/22
May 16/17
October 3/4


Costs & Enrolment

A single w/e costs £120. A deposit of £60 secures a place. The balance is payable no later than 10 days before the w/e. The 4 w/e qualifying track costs £420 (£105 per w/e). A deposit of £210 secures a place on the first 2 weekends of your choice. The balance is payable not later than ten days before your 2nd w/e.

Registration Form


1) Attendance at 4 weekends gives the required minimum number of hours to qualify for the Certificate issued by Pulsing Associates.

2) You may book for a single w/e which is your first and then decide to switch to the qualifying track. You would then need to decide on the date of your second w/e and pay a further £90 to achieve the initial payment of £210 at the conclusion of your first w/e.

3) Qualifying track weekends need not be consecutive.

4) The qualifying track must be completed within 2 years of your 1st w/e, ie you may choose any 4 weekends out of the 7 available in any 2 year period.

5) You may still qualify for the Certificate by attending on a single w/e basis provided 4 are completed within a 2 year period. But in this instance there is no discounted fee.

6) Weekends almost invariably take place in March, May and October. In the event the above calendar shows less than 6 current w/e dates and you need to plan future weekends in advance please ring to obtain future dates scheduled. 0800 313 4844 .



The venue is The British School of Shiatsu-Do, a quality environment for the practice and teaching of a spectrum of complementary health therapies - treatment - exercise. It is one of the largest centres of its kind in North London, approximately a 7 minute walk from Finsbury Park Underground and British Rail mainline. There are frequent bus services and off street parking is available at the weekends.

Hot drinks and pure water are available on the premises. Lunch may be brought or easily purchased nearby.

It is not necessary to be unclothed to receive a Pulsing session, provided clothing is comfortable and does not restrict movement. Otherwise course members may wear as little or as much as they are comfortable with. No admission to the course is possible without prior registration.


If you yourself are not interested in this Bodyspace event kindly pass this information on
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See also www.activistcoaching.co.uk

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